Tam High MTB Needs Your Support

We are a non-profit team that supports Tamalpais High School students interested in competitive mountain biking.  We need your help in order to keep our club active and successful! Please consider donating to our club.

Donate Today!
Tam High Bike Team operates as a club at Tam High School.  The requirements to become a formal 501c3 non-profit corporation are onerous for such a small organization.  Few of the 40+ clubs in the NorCal High School MTB League have a 501c3 status.

We accept non-tax-deductabledonations to the club name “Tam High Mountain Bike Team”, the funds of which are processed immediately and are readily available to the Team.

If you are interested in sponsoring the team with a larger tax-deductible donation and you require that the donation be made payable to a tax-exempt entity, you can donate directly to Tamalpais High School, via Tam High’s Associated Student Body (ASB), and the funds will be designated for the team’s use.

Questions about donations? Please contact the Tam High MTB team treasurer, William Smith.

Donation checks can be mailed to:

Tam High Mountain Bike Team

369 Dolan Ave

Mill Valley, Ca 94941

Why Give?

To keep the Tam High MTB successful, we rely on the generous donations from the Mill Valley community and beyond. All of our ride leaders and administrative positions are volunteers, but the team travels around California to compete.  That means expenses for travel, accommodations, and food. The equipment, while supplied by the individual athletes, can also be expensive and the club helps its riders with scholarships.

Show Your Generosity At The 2016-2017 Team Fundraiser!

October 22, from 6 – 9PM at Proof Lab in Mill Valley.

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