history-5The Tam High MTB team was started in 2004 by Jon Hartquist, Tam High Social Studies teacher and local shredder. Hartquist had five boys who wanted to race in the new high school mountain bike league: the NorCal League which was founded in 2001 by a Berkeley High teacher. There first “jerseys” were t-shirts from one of our original sponsors, Wilderness Trail Bikes (WTB).

High school mountain bike racing is the fastest-growing high school sport currently and since 2009 has been organized by our national organization, NICA, the National Interscholastic Cycling Association. There are 24 states with high school MTB racing teams as of 2018 and more to come!

The NorCal league continued to grow and in 2009 saw the first ever California High School Mountain Bike Championship (SoCal &. NorCal). Last year, 2015, the league broke records with 800 racers qualifying and competing in the California State Cup. NorCal, Marin and Tam High riders on the podium.

history-2Historically, Drake and Redwood, two original schools competing in the new NorCal league in 2001, had been the powerhouses. Tam High had yet to realize its rightful position as a powerhouse too– a position that is its due through the legacy of its alumnae (several “founding fathers” of mountain biking are Tam grads–Joe Breeze, Steve Potts, among others), and based on the awesome results of the Tam High athletes from the 2010 season in which Tam High MTB won the Division 2 State championship!

The 2010-2011 team worked hard recruiting girls and grew big enough to qualify and compete as a D1 team (more than 12 members) for the 2011 season.

In 2012, five girls joined and raced for the team. The following year, they recruited their friends and doubled the number of girls on the team. One of the original five girls from 2012 went on to become Tam High’s first to qualify and race Varsity level.

We look forward to a strong 2016-2017 season hoping to get more girls to join our current team. This year we are seasoned, with strong returning JV and Varsity riders, some who have been mountain biking together since elementary school and currently racing at a national level. Go Tam High MTB!

We encourage any Tam High MTB alumni reading this to contact us and please give us more history and cool photos!