Board of Directors

Board President, Head Coach/Team Director

Patrick LePelch. The Team Director facilitates decision-making in all aspects of the team, both through his involvement with the Board but also through team management, team communications and team coaching.

Board Vice President, Assistant Coach

Mike Van Allen. The Vice President assists with Board decision-making. Mike is also  in charge of team Public relations, Social media, print media liaison as well as Ride Leader Coordinator

Team Events Parent Volunteer Coordinator

Nessa Brady. The team volunteer coordinator organizes the team parents in team events and team races.

Equipment Manager

Roger Howard. Keeps track of team equipment inventory, the team trailer and assists with transportation of equipment and arranging equipment in the team trailer. He also identifies what equipment needs replacement or maintenance.

Events Planner and Fundraising Coordinator

Suzanne Twing. Manages and plans events such as the Team Fundraiser, Team parties and other social events.


Bill Smith. Maintains the team’s budget and accounts and assists with the scholarship fund.


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