Ride Volunteers & Ride Leaders

The team needs parent volunteers to help lead team rides.  Team rides take place on Wednesday afternoon and Sunday morning, from December through May.

There are two roles for volunteers: Ride Volunteer (NICA Level 1) and Ride Leader (NICA Level 2).

Already a Ride Volunteer or Ride Leader?

Ride Volunteer (NICA Level 1)

As a Ride Volunteer, you ride with the Ride Leader and the team, and guide and encourage riders. As a Ride Volunteer, you must be covered under the team’s insurance policy, which requires you to do the following:

Ride Leader (NICA Level 2)

We need at least one coach or ride leader to head up each of our 3 ride groups. In the event one of our coaches is absent or sick, we need alternate ride leaders who can fill in or provide additional ride support to the coaches.  The team covers the cost of the NICA Level 2 certification, which requires you to:

  1. Attend a basic first-aid class
  2. Complete CPR certification
  3. Complete NICA on-the-bike skills training (AKA MTB Skills 101)
  4. Complete NICA Student-Athlete Coaching Philosophy Webinar


  • Keep track the # of riders in the group
  • Maintain safe rider speed
  • Ride volunteers/leaders should always lead descents to moderate group speed
  • Help coaches control the group riding on paved roads
  • Communicate with the coaches during or after the ride about how the group did – who excelled, who needed encouragement
  • Help riders with mechanical issues
  • Report dangerous or inappropriate behavior
  • Facilitate rider inclusion wherever possible, and engage riders in conversation.

Required Equipment For Ride Leaders and Ride Volunteers

  • Lights.  Mandatory front and rear lights for early-season evening practices.
  • Bells. Spurcycle bells are offered at a discount through team.
  • Water. All riders should carry water, either in a bottle or Camelback.
  • Food. Riders should carry food on the ride, especially the longer Sunday rides.